Natasha Zimbaro new single launches solo career

Formerly known as the lead female vocalist of the pop trio PRTY H3RO, Natasha Zimbaro, 23, is redefining her music career by going back to her roots in country music.

Born and raised in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Zimbaro’s passion for singing began when she was 12 years old. At the age of 13, Zimbaro was discovered by Canadian country artist Jason McCoy while opening for Carrie Underwood at the Merrit Mountain Music Festival.

Growing up, she was involved in dance and theatre but her interest in country music developed shortly after being discovered.

Natasha ZImbaro via Twitter

“I ended up being homeschooled in grade nine and graduated early because of the dedication I had to put into my dreams of having a music career,” said Zimbaro. “I even studied professional theatre in Vancouver but I always knew I wanted to sing.”

With support from her mother, Zimbaro explored different avenues within the Arts – from singing to acting. She often travelled from Vancouver to Nashville and Toronto to explore various opportunities before settling in Toronto.

“I was always travelling back and forth to Toronto for music. Toronto is the hub for Canadian music so it was the best move for my career.” said Zimbaro. “Vancouver’s arts and entertainment scene is very different. There are more events and things to look forward to in this city.”

Toronto is home to the Canadian Country Music Association which is responsible for holding the annual CCMA awards.

It is also home to various radio stations that support country artists like Paul Bandt and Shania Twain. In fact, Shania Twain was Zimbaro’s first introduction to country music.

“She was my very first concert when I was 7,” said Zimbaro. “I fell in love with her and country music right then.”

Zimbaro continued to explain how Shania Twain inspired her to express herself more as a fashion-savvy artist in the country music industry.

“Her style was unique and she wasn’t afraid of pushing boundaries with fashion which wasn’t common for a country artist. That is very inspiring,” she said.

Zimbaro released her debuted single “Rebound” digitally, on October 28th marking her return to the genre she knows oh so well. With excitement for this renewed chapter of her life, fans can expect big things to come.

“I like to inspire others with my music. I want to help others with whatever they’re going through as well as give back through music,” she said.

Natasha Zimbaro is currently working on her next single, an EP and planning tour dates soon.

Find Rebound at the following links!

iTunes | Spotify | Youtube

Get to know Natasha Zimbaro via social media!

Facebook | Twitter | Website | Instagram


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