90’s hip-hop fashion making a 21st century comeback

The ’90s were some of the most dynamic and defining years for modern day fashion.

Hip-hop in particular heavily influenced the ’90s era, which in turn founded various fashion trends that reflected the hardcore rap scene that was quickly popularized during this time.

Tupac via Vogue

Hip-hop elites used fashion to build up their brand and create signature features for themselves.

Biggie Smalls had his Coogi sweater, while 2Pac had the bandana’s.

“Everybody looks to urban communities for their style,” said hip-hop head Clifton Pusey. “Hip hop has always been a place for people to speak their mind so I’m not surprised to see people going back to that.”

Trends such as oversized clothes, gold chains, graphic snapbacks, crop tops, chockers, and body suits are among the most popular trends that are now being adopted by the modern day mainstream fashion industry.

“People always want to rock with the older shit. It’s looked at as retro or vintage,” said Pusey.

Hip-Hop fanatic Shivam Sharma, said that ’90s hip-hop heavily influences the modern generations.

“The ’90s era was very influential because it was the era of hardcore hip-hop.”

Aaliyah & Jay-Z via Tumblr

The ’80s is where hip-hop originated but the ’90s was when it gained power and really started a movement that people want to be a part of again,” he said.

As the hip-hop industry begins to revert back to its roots of raw beats and poetic lyrics, the fashion industry took note of the growing trend and has also began recreating these iconic fashion looks in order to entice consumers and build sales.

“Mainstream culture is primarily based off of nostalgia and the whole nostalgic 90’s vibe so we’re definitely influenced,” said Sharma. “Being a ’90s kid you’re automatically influenced by it. We’ve grown attached to that nostalgic feel like I want to feel like how I did back in the day.”

For Sharma, his go to look includes a classic snapback hat with an oversized hoodie, “cause that’s how the OGs rocked it and It’s a style that’s not going to fade away,” he said.

The recent influx of ’90s hip-hop fashions in the mainstream fashion industry has also made it more financially accessible for people to purchase the clothes their musical idols used to wear said Pusey.

“It was always something I wanted to get but based on where I was economically I couldn’t afford it,” he said. “I wanted to rock that Sean John with bucket hats and now I’m more capable of buying those things.”

The go to look for Pusey includes a simple jean overall with one side unbuckled paired with the occasional bucket hat or oversized tee.

The ’90s hip-hop fashion trend is most definitely a timeless classic, and as long rap & r&b music exists, so will hip- hop fashion culture.

Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg -http://www.cnn.com/2013/05/02/showbiz/music/remembering-90s-rap-gallery/

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