Local band reinvegorates punk scene

Photo credit: Ken Robinson taken on Nov 19 at The Smiling Buddha Bar

With passionate pop-punk stylings that range from downtempo feelers to a circle pit summoning blitz and even an occasional reggae-esque riff, Scarborough’s Pseudo is a young and talented trio willing and able to shake up the Toronto punk scene.

The band formed in 2010, when the founding members began playing together in their high school’s music room.

Since then they have gone through a couple of name changes and even a change in lineup when lead guitarist and vocalist Jonathan Lachmansingh’s brother Liam joined on as a bassist and vocalist in 2012. Shortly after the band finally took on the name Pseudo.

One of the greatest challenges they have faced are racial barriers. The fact that the band is of a culturally diverse background is sometimes painfully made obvious.

“During the time we’ve spent touring around Ontario we’ve experienced all kinds of microaggressions, racial slurs and even people threatening to beat us up,” Jonathan Lachmansingh said.

“If we’re about anything it’s sending the message that we are capable, in your scene and here to stay,” he said.

Lyrically the band draws on their experiences of growing up together, family values and breaking through racial barriers.

Courtesy: Ken Robinson taken on Nov 19 at The Smiling Buddha Bar

Pseudo currently have been getting better organized and focusing more on their career.

The band has previously recorded two EPs and recently produced a music video with friend and frequent photographer Ken Robinson. Also, all the merchandise is designed in-house by drummer Mikhail Castro.

All of the band members balance school work in addition to the band and some jobs as well.

“During the process, we discovered the increasing weight of financials. Being in a band doesn’t pay a lot,” Jonathan Lachmansingh said.

In February, the band plans to tour up north with their friend and Peterborough rapper, Garbageface, and after that they have grand plans to tour parts of Asia in 2017.

“It can cost a lot of money to tour through [the U.S.] and there’s a lot of distance to cross when touring Canada,” Jonathon Lachmansingh said.  “We think it would be a great experience.”


“These guys are great. They’re focused, well-practiced, always put on a great show,” said Barrie singer/songwriter Nick McFarland, AKA Dummy, who has played a few shows with the band.

Recently on November 19, Pseudo played a show at The Smiling Buddha for the release of their first full length album Renovations.

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