Honest Ed’s set to close down by year’s end

Honest Ed’s, the iconic landmark of the Annex neighbourhood, is officially closing down on December 31, 2016.

The Annex extends down Bloor Street West from Spadina to Christie. It’s a residential area that’s home to people from many cultures as well as businesses including nifty shops, amazing restaurants and the prestigious Honest Ed’s.

Honest Ed’s is a place known for great discounts that has been bought out by a developer, and will be turned into 1,000 rental units.

Honest Ed’s is a unique kind of bargain store selling everything from hair products to clothes. The large merchandiser is also home to mini stores attached to it like Hero Certified Burgers, Lastman’s Bad Boy, and Wine Rack.

Owyna Alexander, 23,  is a long-time shopper at Honest Ed’s. She has been going to the store since the age of 12 when she arrived in Canada from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a southern Caribbean island country.


Owyna Alexander

“All I remember seeing when I came to Canada was the vibrant lights of the store. Legends evolve the city; I wish it could transform the city too instead of it becoming another condo,” she said.

Alexander hosts her own weekly radio show on G5 Canadian Urban and her second featured topic was the closing of this iconic store. 

Long time Annex resident Nathaniel Rollocks said he loved shopping at Honest Ed’s for the sales.

“I find it saddening. Its been there since my parents came to Canada. I remember driving in the car every two weeks to the great big store with the lights. It was a part of my childhood and I will never forget it,” he said.

This iconic landmark was opened in 1948 and is closing its doors in less than two months. The area will change forever, but the 68-year-old bargain store will never be forgotten.

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