Tyler Sweet raps love and overcoming obstacles in new single ‘Night’s Fine’

Toronto born artist Tyler Sweet has had a big year thus far.

From conquering mental health to the release of a new music video, Sweet has been making moves within the city’s hip-hop scene.

Originally from Toronto, Sweet spent most of his time in Oakville where he now lives. A current McMaster University student and poetry writer, his intellect and emotions can be heard in his music.

His newest single Night’s Fine gives a closer look into Sweet’s personal life. The hook of the song describes a love interest Sweet had at the time.

“Beauty in the night time symbolizes the girl I was dating at the time,” said Sweet, “She looked beautiful in the night time with the night stars and the moon shining on her, she just glowed,”.

Sweet continued to describe the analogy by describing his love interest as “different when the lights shine.”

“When the lights shine in the daytime, she acted up. That’s when we went through our troubles,” he said,  “It wasn’t in the literal sense, but that relationship just had a day and night effect.”

Sweet said the song is “a recount of his past relationships and an allegory of his new ones.”

“The chorus is about my past relationship and the rest of the song is about the girl that I am currently interested in,” Sweet said.

Alex Nolasco, a SoundCloud surfer and hip-hop fan, weighed in on Sweet’s single.

“This guy is definitely someone to keep following,” Nolasco said. “Not only is the beat of this song good, but his lyrics tell a story.”

Sweet also revealed he is working on an EP that will consist of love songs. Songs Cross My Heart and Rise are confirmed to be on his upcoming project.

“Rise is about the funk I was in early this year. The song is about my rise from all the bullshit,” said Sweet, referring to his battle with mental health earlier this year.

“People are going to hear a lot about me. Bits and pieces about my battle with mental health will be in there. Girls, drug use, even food that I like is in my new music.”

As Tyler Sweet continues to create music his latest release Night’s Fine and more are on his SoundCloud.

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