Behind closed doors, the studio is where all the magic happens!

Music is a powerful tool.

Music unifies communities and helps people relate their lives or current situations to certain artists, songs or genres.

Anybody can write a few lines and make it rhyme. It takes a certain level of talent, skill and consistency to produce gratifying music that people will understand and can appreciate.

However, breaking out into the music industry can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have the right resources, connections or working environment.

Recording studios are also a barrier for those trying to break out and make it into the music industry.

In Brampton, recording studios are not as accessible to up-and-coming musicians compared to other recording studios in Toronto.

Maleek J. Webster Simon, also known “Don Nova,” elevated his passion for music to another level by turning his storage closet into his own personal recording studio at home.

The Hip-Hop & Soul artist out of Brampton believes that in order to become successful, faith, hard work and consistency are essential.  

“Where I’m from is very important to me, it made me become the man I am today, and recording in my storage closet makes me remain humble and have patience,” Simon said.

Simon either records at home or at his producer’s place because it’s convenient, reliable and saves him money.   

Tyler Laylor, Simon’s producer, also known as “G-Bxnks,” wants to change the direction of music coming out of Brampton.

“I want to continue to make innovative sounds, not follow trends and produce music that people want to hear and can relate to,” Laylor said.

The pair work together a few days every week and are preparing to release a couple EP’s to get their sound out there.

Laylor believes that working with Simon and starting off recording in their home made studios, will develop and prepare them both for when they receive a chance to record in a professional music studio.

“What I hope to bring out of him? Make it out of here; he has a unique and innovative sound that goes beyond Toronto…beyond Canada,” Laylor said.

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